Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hippie Style Inspiration Photos

As a stylist, I spend a lot of time seeking out inspiration for the looks I create.  Fashion magazines, blogs, lookbooks, TV, movies, local street style...the world is filled with inspiration.  Of course the looks I create depend heavily on the assignment, but they always reflect a bit of my own personal style.  Here are a few of the inspiration photos for my upcoming hippie style shoot.  (UPDATE:  Check out my other four "Hippie Style" posts - Hippie Style Fashion Photos...Parts 1, 2, and 3 and More Hippie Style Inspiration Photos.)

If you have any great hippie style inspiration photos, please send them to me.  Most of the above photos came from Marie Claire and Vogue editorials. 


Inase said...

This is truely awesome..
I'm working on the same subject and I do wish to send you some nice things if I found any.
Still You already have much more interesting things and complements for your designs!

Darren Kane said...

It's so inspired!! thank you for a good mood for tooday's shoot!