Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Grace Card Movie Trailer Released

Last year I work as the costume designer on a wonderful movie with Academy Award winner Louis Gossett, Jr.  The movie is called The Grace Card.  It was to be released in Fall 2010.  However, because the movie was picked up by Sony Entertainment (hurray!) the  premiere has been postponed until February 25, 2011.  This week the theatrical trailer was released (in the U.S.).  It is also available for viewing at the website:

Please take the time to check it out!  It is a beautiful story of the power of forgiveness.  I felt blessed to be a part of the crew on such a worthwhile production.

This photo was taken during the filming of the library scene...which you can also watch on the website.  The set is a beautiful home library in the historic district of downtown Memphis.  That's me...the one with the hair!

This was our wardrobe trailer.  

Working on the movie was a wonderful experience and the crew had a great time working together.  But don't think it is a glamorous job.  It's a lot of work...pre-production meetings, shopping and fittings for a rather large cast, organizing all the clothes, loading the trailer, 10-14 hour days/ a said, lots of work!  Thank goodness for my efficient wardrobe department supervisors, Barbara and Sharon.  And it's amazing to see how all the different departments work together to make it happen.
So, my U.S. readers, please go see it when it comes to your neighborhood next February.  And take'll need it.  I'm not sure if or when it will be released internationally.  You can sign up for updates on The Grace Card website.  Please leave me a comment about the trailer.  (Top photo by Dorothy McCuskey.)

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à la Modest said...

That's neat! The trailer looks quality! :) I hope it does well!! Congrats on Sony's deal. Are churches marketing it all over the country? I do hope so!!