Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wise Clothing Selections...What's Your Fit Challenge?

When I decided to write about clothes that don't flatter, I could have posted some tacky fashion faux pas of the rich and poor alike.  But we all know what "unflattering" looks like.  Instead, I have chosen to focus on the positive.  So, I am posting photos of some basic clothing styles that look good on most body types.

The Gored Skirt
Calvin Klein

The Empire Dress
Calvin Klein

The Straight Pant
Calvin Klein
Few of us look like runway models.  We all have different body types and different "fit challenges."  We may have a large chest, curvy hips, a petite frame, long legs, etc.  Those things don't make us imperfect; they make us NORMAL!  We don't need to be critical of our bodies, we just need to be WISER in our clothing selections.  Taking a photo of ourselves in a particular outfit can help us to view it more objectively. 

One reason for ill  fitting garments is because we are trying to wear styles or trends that are not suited to our body type.  We need to be wise and learn what looks good on us and how to adapt the trends.  For example, even though I am small (size 2-4) my "fit challenge" is finding pants and jeans that fit my small waist, curvy hips, and "bigger than normal" thighs.  I have learned that Misses sizes are more accommodating in those areas than Junior sizes.  I know that straight leg or slightly flared pants (not skinny) are more flattering on me.  And even though skinny jeans are the trend (and I have found a pair that fits me perfectly), I am smart enough to know that they are more flattering on me if  I wear them with a longer tunic or jacket.

Finding flattering clothing can be frustrating.  But we need to be patient and buy only what makes us look our best.  If we are smart about our clothing selections, no one will ever know we have a "fit challenge."

What's your "fit challenge?"        

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