Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding Your Own Personal Style - Personality

What is personal style and how do you develop it?  Personal style is your image...how you are viewed by the world. There are three main factors that should influence your personal style:  your personality and lifestyle, your body shape, and your natural coloring.  In this post, I'm going to cover personality.   


What is clothing personality?

Clothing personality is an expression of who we are by the clothes we wear.  There are 4 "basic" categories of clothing personality:  Romantic, Classic, Natural, and Dramatic. Most of us are a combination of a least two of these.  And those can change as we mature and as our lifestyle is altered.  Some life altering events that can change the image we want or need to portray are graduation, marriage, having children, and changing occupations, just to name a few.

How do you know which personality categories you are?  Items that you wear repeatedly and feel great in are a fantastic indicator of your personality.  Take a good close look at them.  Are they frilly/Romantic, attention demanding/Dramatic, traditional/Classic, or basic utilitarian/Natural?  Remember, clothes are a combination of styles...as are we.    

Here's a little visual aid to help hone your "clothing personality" skills.  The following photos are of four white tees that represent the 4 categories.  Study them carefully to see what makes them romantic, dramatic, classic or natural.  If you were going to wear only the top and some pants, which tops can you see yourself wearing the most often?


Most teens and young adults are part natural (therefore, jeans and tees).  Most fashion bloggers must be part Dramatic and/or Romantic, because die hard Naturals and Classics aren't much into fashion trends!  Granted, we can incorporate pieces from all 4 personalities into our wardrobe, but in the end, our final outfit needs to portray who we are.  So the next time you go shopping, make sure the item your are about to purchase suits your personality.

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