Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Military - Trend or Timeless Classic

Granted, the military "trend" is more popular in some seasons than others.  But it's almost always around in some form or another.  Really, we should consider it a timeless classic instead of a trend. 



 The fashion magazines and runways are abundant with models totally decked out in full military array...jumpsuits, aviator jackets, cargo pants, lace up soldier boots, uniform hats, and jackets with buttons and huge epaulets.  How do we interpret the look to suit our lifestyle without appearing to be dressed for Halloween?  I suggest wearing one military inspired piece at a time. 

Two easy pieces to incorporate into your current wardrobe are the military jacket and cargo pants.  There are always some really great, but inexpensive options available.  Pair your military jacket with jeans for a totally casual look with plenty of style.  Or throw it over a feminine dress for an unexpected combination (as shown above).



Whether your opt for the new skinny cargo pants or the looser (easier to wear) original version, try adding a floral top or casual sweater for two totally different looks.

For those of you who prefer to be more understated, but still want to add a military inspired piece to your wardrobe for fall, here are two great options.

Dries Van Noten

Paul Smith
My advice for your first military purchase...buy a "middle of the road" jacket, then plan to keep it forever.  Trust me, this won't be the last season you will wear it.


à la Modest said...

Beautiful! I especially love the first look!

By the way, I gave ya a shout-out two posts ago :)

Take care!

Rothco Military said...

the look is really amazing.I really like the color combination.Thanks for sharing.