Friday, December 17, 2010

White Collar Trend with Vintage 1940's suit

I posted this photo back in July, but I didn't give you any details. And it is a perfect example of a current trend....crisp WHITE  COLLARS.  My inspiration was an editorial in some magazine featuring a very similar Dior suit.  No high priced suit here.  This is a thrifted vintage 1940's version with padded shoulders and white button accents.  I love the high collar white blouse worn with the trim fitting jacket and longer skirt.   It's a great classy "school marm" look. 

Accessories include long leather gloves and a pearl bracelet (both thrifted), herringbone tights, and black bowed pumps with white piping.  I love the location and the model's pensive expression.  Makes you wonder about "the rest of the story."  Photo by Dirk Olsen.  Note:  The suit is for sale at my etsy boutique.

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