Friday, May 13, 2011

1940's Inspired Dresses from Shabby Apple

My past few posts have been all about gorgeous 1940's inspired dresses. OK, I'm obsessed.  I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that Sarah Brasher of Edelweiss (see my post from May 6) designed Shabby Apple's "Up and Away" line.  These beautifully styled photos from their website are my favorite dresses from that line.  Almost all of the dresses from the "Up and Away" line are currently on sale for around $100.  To check them out, simply click the Shabby Apple affiliate button on my side bar.  Browse their other vintage inspired lines and boutique collections.  Sarah Brasher also designed many of the dresses for their "Silk Road" line. 

Top Gun
B-17 Bombshell
3200 and 38 inches
While all these dresses look great styled for the 40's, they are extremely versatile for many looks and occasions.

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