Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Can Redheads Wear Red?

A golden blonde friend of mine recently became a stunning redhead.  She asked me the age old question, "Can redheads wear red?"  My answer was, "It all depends on the shade of red...of the hair and the clothes.  Here is a perfect example of a redhead who is wearing the right color red for her hair.

Auburn, strawberry blonde, orange red, copper, and carrot top redheads should wear tomato red, poppy, brick red, or rust...reds with a bit of orange.  Corals are also good.

If your red hair is mahogany red, burgandy, or red-violet, then you should wear reds such as wine, cranberry, plum, maroon, ruby, fuchsia, raspberry, and burgandy...reds with a touch of blue.

So the answer is...YES...redheads can wear red!!!

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Reeses Pieces said...

I love this-thank you!!! Now I have a picture to look at while I'm shopping-until I go back to being a blonde.