Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gunne Sax for Great Hippie and Boho Inspiration

Gunne Sax, the clothing label founded in the 1960's and bought by Jessica McClintock in 1969, is often associated with the 1970's fashion trend known as "prairie-revival."  This popular 70's style incorporated pinafores, gingham and calico which was reminiscent of early American pioneer fashions.  Today these beautiful, feminine dresses, blouses, and skirts translate into great hippie and boho inspiration.   Below is a photo I styled several years ago using a Gunne Sax dress.  Following are some Gunne Sax and similar items on sale at etsy.com. 

Photo by Dirk Olsen, styled by Lisa Byrd Thomas
This Gunne Sax dress on sale at www.etsy.com/shop/MacalistaireAt1850

Gunne Sax Dress

Gunne Sax Dress

Gunne Sax Dress

Gunne Sax Skirt
Golden Elephant Vintage

Gunne Sax Blouse  Note the mutton leg sleeve.

This dress is not from Gunne Sax, but is of the same era and style.

       Another popular style that Gunne Sax revived was a medieval "renaissance" look.

Gunne Sax Dress

Gunne Sax Dress

Gunne Sax Dress

First Photo Credits:  Photographer, Dirk Olsen; Stylist, Lisa Byrd Thomas; Makeup and Hair, Shelby Willis;  Model, Megan Thorne.

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