Friday, July 6, 2012

The Lost Art of the Slip

One of my pet peeves is women not wearing a slip when one is desperately needed. Here's a perfect example. I was sitting in church one day and this lovely young lady wearing a very cute white dress walked across the front of the chapel and proceed to sit down. I'm sure she had no clue that the congregation was viewing her red heart bikini panties...through her fashionable white dress. Hopefully, she would have been embarrassed if she knew.

Another problem is back lighting. In 1980, when 19 year old Lady Diana Spencer (the future Princess Diana) was dating Prince Charles, she innocently posed for some photos with her kindergarten students. Little did she know that her sheer skirt, back lit by the sun, became transparent revealing her form in a definitely "unladylike" manner. Anyway, the photo became world reknown. (Google it if you must.)  The moral of the story...if you don't own (and wear) a slip...maybe you should!  

Soma Intimates

 Or check out some lovely vintage slips like this one.

Remember the following tips:
~Wear skin tone undergarments with white clothing so they don't show through.
~Wear black or navy undergarments with dark clothing.
~Don't let your slip show through a skirt slit.  That's why many slips have a should line up with the skirt slit.
~Visible undergarment straps are not a fashion statement...they're trashy!    That's MY opinion!
~Need a little curve control; try a shaper slip