Thursday, July 19, 2012

Style at Any Age - Real People Models

I ran across this ad from Lanvin Paris Fall 2012.  The model is not really a model, but a retired dancer and she is 82 years old!  The brand has chosen to use "real people" to showcase their Fall line.  How fabulous!  Granted, none of the "real people" look like the average US woman who is a size 14, but I must admit, it's a start.  And while we're at it...I'd love to see a fashion editorial using real women, 60 years or older, who haven't had plastic surgery on every drooping part. I'll get off my soapbox now!


Lanvin Ad has been cropped to show detail


Dixie Nichols said...

I so agree. You are left pretty much on your own after sixty to find a way to dress, yet its a market segment with plenty to spend.

Lena's Blend said...

I've seen a few campaigns using 60+ models lately and I love it, there needs to be more of it. Style has no age and women of every age should be represented in fashion, everyone should have style references. I also agree with Dixie, considering women over a certain age are the demographic with the most to spend it's beyond me why they're so overlooked in fashion advertising. I hope the tiny trend I've been seeing as of lately's long overdue.