Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lipstick That Doesn't Bleed and Stays On

Lipstick that doesn't bleed?  Very seldom do I post about anything other than clothes.  But recently a client shared this wonderful find with me and I had to pass it on to my readers and clients.  Some women have "smoker's lips"...vertical lines above the upper lip.  They can be caused by smoking, waxing, age, heredity, drinking from a straw, etc.  Regular lipstick bleeds into the lines and ruins the outline of your lips.

Revlon makes a great long lasting, non bleeding lipcolor called ColorStay Overtime.  It's really more like an opaque stain.  It comes in a two-sided tube with color and topcoat.  The lipcolor has a sponge applicator.  You "paint" it on, let it dry completely, and then top it with the clear topcoat.  (The topcoat that comes with it must be applied about as frequently as regular lipstick.)   However, the color part literally stays on all day and it does not bleed into your lip lines.  It has to be removed with an oil based cream (baby oil works).  The color part is dry and matte by itself, so I suggest wearing it with at least some lip balm over it.  It comes in 26 colors.  "Endless Spice" (not pictured) is a great color for warm golden skin tones.  Also, try wearing it with Revlon ColorStay "Nude" lipliner.  I love how the lipcolor and liner create lasting definition, even on the more mature lip.  It's available for under $10 at your local Wal-Mart.        

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