Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips for Shopping Thrift Stores

I shop at thrift stores several times a week if I can.  I love it...I love the hunt!  Yes, thrifting is addictive.  But, since becoming a stylist I've become very picky about what I actually buy.  I study fashion magazines regularly and interpret the styles to suit my personality and body shape.  A garment may be a fabulous designer piece and it might be a great buy, but if it doesn't flatter me, I don't buy it.  Below are a few of my recent finds. 

I see lots of women checking out at thrift stores with baskets full of clothes.  Yes, they are inexpensive, but what do they do with all of those clothes?  Do they donate them back to Goodwill when their closet is full?  They can't possibly wear them all.  Most of us only wear a small amount of the clothes we own. 

Here are a few tips to consider when thrift shopping:
Buy only what you love, what fits and flatters, what is stylish, and what is in excellent condition.  And make sure you have other things in your closet to wear with whatever you buy. 

Follow these simple rules and your addiction can be well under control.


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