Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Wardrobe

Is your work wardrobe boring?  It doesn't have to be.  This great work worthy outfit was created from two basic pieces:  a blouse and suit pants.  The black pinstriped straight leg pants were rolled to midcalf.  They were paired with a vintage silk oversized shawl collar blouse, a fabulous statement necklace, a gold link bracelet, and black patton clutch.  Multicolor flats complete the look.  (Flats are a great option for those who work on their feet all day!)


Being creative with your wardrobe in the workplace is a positive attribute that will get you noticed...as long as you keep a few of the following things in mind.

1.  Does your company have a dress policy?  If so, what is it?
2.  What type of business do you work in?  Is it corporate, communicative, or creative.  That makes a big difference in what is appropriate in your workplace.  Creative jobs allow for the greatest flexibility and corporate the least. 
3.  Where is your business located?  A small town or a big city...that also makes a difference.
4.  Note what the "stylish" female bosses are wearing, and take a clue from them.

And just because a store sell a garment in the "career" section, doesn't mean it is OK to wear it to work.  A few fashion no-no's for almost all jobs:  see through blouses, anything that looks like lingere, anything too tight, too short, or too low. 

Always remember that adding a third piece (jacket, vest, sweater) kicks the outfit up a notch.  So, start being creative with your work wardrobe and make getting dressed for work each day a great adventure.   Photos by Dominic Van Horn.

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à la Modest said...

Sadly, people at work places sometimes don't always follow dress codes and get away with it. Theme parks, surprisingly have dress codes too, but you never see people follow the rules in the pamphlet. People are just too stubborn.

Great tips! I've added you :)