Friday, November 26, 2010

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

I love shiny, sparkling, vintage rhinestone jewelry.  It's the perfect party bling!  Add a beautiful statement piece to your little black dress...and you are good to go.  Or pair clear rhinestones with your brightly colored dresses.  It's an easy match.  Here are a few samples of vintage rhinestone pieces from my personal collection.

Vintage rhinestone jewelry is not just for that special event or party. Wear them with your jeans or add a beautiful brooch to your work jacket. (Just remember to avoid getting them wet or they will become cloudy or dull.)

The best places to locate inexpensive vintage rhinestone accessories are on Ebay, at vintage and thrift stores, and at auctions and estate sales.  Look for pieces with unique designs.  Buy only items with clear, unchipped, securely mounted stones.  If you want to make a larger investment, do your homework.  Learn about the early designers.  And be aware that reproductions are abundant.


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