Thursday, April 7, 2011

Midi Skirts

Once thought of as frumpy and matronly, the midi skirt has shown this season that it is definitely a stylish fashion alternative.  Whether A-line, dirndl, pleated, full or pencil, there is something for every body type, even the vertically challenged.  Proportion is the key. 


Tracy  Reese



We all know that almost anything looks good on a model.  But for the rest of are a few tips on how to look marvelous in a midi: Not too much volume, especially at the hemline; lightweight and flowing is the most universally flattering; balance the skirt length with a substantial and interesting top (not too fitted, not too loose/baggy, and not too long).  Try adjusting the skirt length, viewing it in a full length mirror. Then hem to where it looks the best on you.  Heels/wedges are a must, unless you are tall and thin.

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