Friday, March 4, 2011

The Grace Card - Red Carpet Premiere and Opening Weekend

I'm finally getting around to posting a photo of me taken on the Red Carpet at The Grace Card Premiere.  What I wore...a FABULOUS black and white vintage dress with a ruched top, sequined waist, and tulip skirt.  Accessories included ruby suede French heel pumps with gold piping, vintage rhinestone bracelet, a black and gold beaded evening bag, and shoulder grazing black beaded earrings with tassels.      

The Grace Card Premiere - Lisa and Mike on the Red Carpet
Photo by Lasting Expressions

It has been one week since the opening of The Grace Card.  I am grateful that it has received some excellent reviews from the press...but even more important is what so many people are saying about how the movie has touched their lives.

If you haven't been to see it, don't procrastinate.  We need your support this next week to keep it in the opening theaters even longer.  It will be opening in additional locations across the U.S. on March 18.  See the movie website for locations:

That's Me!

Look VERY closely...second line left...Costume Designer - Lisa Thomas

Full Parking Lot....Hurray!!!!

Our local theater even added an extra screen!  That's a total of 9 showtimes daily at just one of the eight theaters showing it in Memphis!!!

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